standard What’s Missing in Windows 10 Technical Preview for Phones

DSC06689So we’ve seen what’s new in the Windows 10 technical preview for phones, here’s a list of the features that were announced by Microsoft and have yet to make it into this build of the technical preview.

  •  New apps (including the outlook app, Maps App, office app and others)
  • Skype API integration into the messaging hub
  • Albums and Folders view in the photos hubDSC06686
  • In-line replies to 3rd party notifications
  • A way to organize the new enlarged Action center (adding, removing and rearranging the toggles)
  • A Working Cortana
  • Lumia Camera 5 (currently you can use the default Microsoft Camera app or the old Lumia Camera)
  • New Xbox Music app, with online lockers

There’s a lot more to come in future builds, and this is certainly just the beginning, so for anyone who hasn’t gotten the first wave of Insider builds on your phone, don’t worry the good still is still on the way.