standard Windows 10 for Phones Insider Preview- Super Detailed Changelog

windows10 630Without further ado here’s a walkthrough of what’s new on Windows 10 for phones, the build seen in the video is the “faster insider builds” with lots of bugs and not very stable, nonetheless here you go:

This build however is missing some features announced at the event including:

  • No new office apps
  • No Skype integrated APIs into the messaging
  • No Spartan browser
  • the outlook app and new maps app are still missing.
  • actionable replies for 3rd party apps aren’t available, and weren’t working for text messages on my Lumia 630


  • mercury

    updated my 630, can’t see anything dramatic, only bug i got so far is when selecting ‘find my phone’ icon ‘system’ it loops me back to ‘system’

  • Nokia Rox

    I hope, Spartan browser get good score in html5 test.