standard Lumia 635 Variant with 1GB of RAM Coming Soon?

DSC05712The Lumia 635 which was announced last Summer by Microsoft is one of the phones that was quickly thrown in the shadows of the Lumia 525, which came with a more powerful processor, a better camera (and a front facing camera too). Now it seems Microsoft might be working on breathing new life into the Lumia 635, as new evidence suggests that a 1 GB variant of the Lumia 635 is on the way, replacing the less than appealing 512 MBs the device currently has.

So although the Lumia 635 is currently selling for around $50, it might be a wise decision to wait on getting one till we see if there’s a more powerful variant on the way.

Via: WindowsCentral


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  • GaryHarvery

    I was *just* about to pull the trigger on one of these (over the 535) but it appears it’s a good thing i didn’t.

    If they just refreshed this handset with Light Sensor, FF Camera and Flash as well, even for more money, it’d be a great little handset.