standard Microsoft Releases People Sense App as “SquadQatch”; Get it Now


Squadwatch, released today by Microsoft Garage is Microsoft’s take on Apple’s “Find my Friends” feature, which allows users to share their location with their friends. Earlier this month we saw this app leaked under the name “People Sense”, which demonstrated the ability to call up a friend’s position, and have the option to call, text or even navigate over to their current position; a very useful feature when trying to meet up with your friends.

Currently we haven’t been able to get the app working on our phone, as it keeps getting stuck “checking our phone number”, but hopefully we’ll have it up and running soon.

You can grab the app from the link below:

SquadWatchScan with Windows Phone

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  • l33tuc

    Typo in the title Ali! :)

    • Although SquadQatch sounds so much cooler, I will reluctantly fix it…

      • Demitrius Harris

        I would have named the app Sasquatch: Finding friends and family with better success than finding Big Foot.

  • Demitrius Harris

    Wow, that picture brings back memories, I’ve lived in about 5 cities that are in that picture.