standard Tascam DR-05 Digital Recorder Unboxing and Audio Sample

DSC06780The Tascam DR-05 is by no means a new product, this particular digital voice recorder has been on the market for nearly 3 years; however it still retains the #1 spot on Amazon in “Portable Studio Recorders”, For the past year or so I’ve been solely relying on the audio recording from my trusty NEX-5N, which does a better job than most dedicated cameras, but is by no means perfect; the NEX-5N’s biggest flaw was the amount of static noise captured in the background between pauses while recording,  something that definitely takes points off your video in the quality section,

While searching for a voice recorder however I didnt’ know what to look for exactly, however Twitter and some friendly advice told me to pick either between the Zoom H-1 (or H-2) and this Tascam, I went for the Tasccam since I got a good deal on it. So here’s our unboxing of the device, complete with a voice over recorded with the Tascam, check it out:

The difference in audio quality and clarity is astounding, and I’m disappointed in myself for not having picked one of these up sooner. Once you’ve captured the audio on the Tascam you can either transfer it to your computer via the mini-USB cable that comes in the box, or by putting the actual Micro-SD card in your computer (the DR-05 comes with a 2 GB Micro-SD card).

DSC06777Getting started with the Tascam can be slightly difficult, as for me the initial recording settings were incredibly low, meaning that my voice was hardly captured (in fact I thought I had a defective model for a few minutes while I tried figuring it out). I’ve found the best way to record audio with it is to set it up on a mini tripod (there is a tripod attachment on the bottom), and direct the recorder towards you while placing it about 8-12 inches away from the source of sound. Be sure to enable “auto-leveling” for the device to pick up your voice properly while blocking out any disturbing background noise. DSC06782Expect to hear more from the Tascam DR-05 as hopefully on-wards from today I will be using it as my main audio recording device for all videos I record. You can also get one for yourself from the Amazon link below: DSC06770DSC06772DSC06776   

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  • D Harries

    The Zoom recorder has the Left & Right microphones joined on the same axis. If that makes any difference.