standard Microsoft’s Unveils Universal Foldable Keyboard for all Smartphone OSes

microsoftfoldablekeyboard4_1020.0A while back Microsoft revealed a new keyboard for all tablets regardless of the OS, with a dedicated key to switch quickly between Android, iOS and Windows support. Now as an apparent follow-up to that keyboard, Microsoft have now released a second universal keyboard, this time for smartphones, supporting Windows, iOS and Android.

Presumably this means that Windows 10 for phones will support external Bluetooth keyboards for typing, an interesting move since Windows Phone has never supported external input devices.

The keyboard itself simply called the “Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard” is as the name suggest a compact portable keyboard that fold in half to help with portability and carrying. Although Microsoft didn’t share much more information about the accessory it appears to be made with a similar design to the Surface Pro keyboards.microsoftfoldablekeyboard1_1020.0

Via: TheVerge