standard Samsung at MWC, the New Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge

galaxys6-6.0Yesterday before MWC kicked off, Samsung unveiled its two latest creations, the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge. Both devices come with an all new design, instead of the recycled plastic design of the previous Galaxy S5.

samsung-galaxy-s6-hands-on-38Both devices build off a solid aluminum frame that runs all the way around (and through) the device, paired with Gorilla glass 4 on the front and the back, overall the new glass and aluminum build surely gives Samsung a new boost in the design department. The main difference between the S6 and the S6 Edge is of course the curve on the edge of the screen, quite similar to the Galaxy Note Edge.

In terms of specs the new Galaxy devices come with an all new 5.1″ QHD screen, giving it an astounding 577 ppi covered in Gorilla Glass 4. Both devices come with a 16 MP main camera, a 5 front facing camera and up to 128 GBs of onboard storage (no Micro SD expansion). Instead of using a Qualcomm snapdragon chip however, Samsung have opted to use their own Exynos Octa-core chip paired along with 3 GBs of RAM.

Those are some pretty intense specs for a pair of phones that finally have the looks to match what’s on the inside, but will it be enough to reverse Samsung’s poor sales?


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  • D Harries

    As a business, I hope Samsung are smart enough to keep a plastic style phone in reserve. It’s what their customers want with a removable back. That should have been 3 phones at launch. Edge, Steel, and Plastiquo

    Copying Apple does not make it correct.

    • Which is what confused me, I thought the new Galaxy Alpha models were supposed to be the metal high end glass stuff. No idea what’s going to happen to them now.