standard Microsoft HD-10 Lumia Screen Sharing Device- Unboxing, Setup & First Impressions

DSC06839The Microsoft HD-10 is a sweet way to mirror your Lumia’s display onto your TV or HDMI compatible device. The HD-10 connects to  your screen through an HDMI cable, while relying on a Micro USB port for AC supply, after you’ve connected the device to your TV you can connect your Lumia device to the HD-10 via NFC (or bluetooth if your device isn’t NFC capable). Check out our unboxing, setup video and first impressions below:

Interestingly enough, and to my pleasant surprise the HD-10 doesn’t only share your screen, but it can also be used to play audio out of the TV/output source, meaning you can use it to stream movies off your device onto your TV. The HD-10 can even be used to share the screen of your laptop or Windows tablet, including the Lumia 2520, pretty sweet.

DSC06840DSC06841 DSC06843 DSC06848 DSC06849

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