standard OIS Fight: Galaxy S6 Edge Vs Lumia 1520

samsung-galaxy-s6-hands-on-38In Sam’s previous video we already saw how the Lumia 930 held its own against the brand new Samsung Galaxy S6/S Edge. Now here’s another video pitting the S6 against the Lumia 1520 with some interesting results. Check out the video below and judge for yourselves:

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  • flotron

    obvious result assuming 1520 is an old phone

    • Weird considering how the 930 did it a lot better though. Should be the same camera module iirc

  • D Harries

    How many axis of movement are talking about? There could be up to 5

    • D Harries


  • Who Cares

    Sammy catching so fast in camera department..previously Note 4, now S6..Where is Microsoft? Hiding ?