standard Microsoft Planning to bring Cortana to Android and iOS

CortanaAccording to a recent report, Microsoft is planning on bringing the star of Windows Phone, Cortana to Android and iOS. Reuters claims that Microsoft are working on a standalone app for both Android and iOS phones and tablets to bring the personal assistant to their screens, increasing Microsoft’s software reach onto other platforms, couple alongside services such as OneDrive and Office.

The obvious risk however is that Windows Phone would lose yet another differentiating feature, giving users another reason *not* to switch to Windows Phone. With Skype services, Office and even OneDrive getting more and more attention on platforms other than Windows Phone, Microsoft’s main goal of software domination becomes rather apparent; even at the risk of losing hardware market share.

Reuters also claims that Microsoft are working on an even more advanced version of Cortana, codenamed project Einstein which pulls data and results from artificial intelligence; which could give Cortana a leg up when it comes to learning users patterns, predicting match outcomes and being an overall better assistant.

Via: TheVerge