standard Microsoft’s Upcoming Flagship Reportedly Coming With an Iris Scanner and External Dock

25520 and 1520A new report has come up claiming that Microsoft’s next flagship device, which will be launching once Windows 10 is ready; will carry some interesting features. The first of which is instead of a fingerprint scanner for accessing your phone, authorizing purchases the upcoming Lumia will have an Iris scanner. The iris scanner is claimed to work of Infrared beams making it effective in low-light conditions, and of course allowing users to access their phone without having to touch the screen.

A second rumored feature of the upcoming Lumia is an “external dock”, although it’s not clear what we can expect from this dock in terms of functionality it’s safe to assume that it will allow USB connectivity and probably connecting your phone to an external display. This, coupled with Microsoft’s new bluetooth foldable keyboard that works with Windows 10 can help transform your smartphone into a portable full size office.

The Iris scanner and external dock rumors match up with some whispers we’ve personally heard about Microsoft’s upcoming flagship, Microsoft seem to believe that an Iris scanner is more secure than the standard finger print scanning ,especially with the amount of information we entrust to our mobile devices these days, including personal information banking records and more.

The source also claims Microsoft’s Lumia 940 will come with either a 20MP to 30MP range, with three LEDs; as well as a sort of sensor to detect if you’re holding the phone in your right or left hand.

Although we can’t vouch completely for the authenticity of these reports, we’re quite confident that at least some of it is accurate, mainly the iris scanner and external dock; but just in case keep your salt shaker at the ready.


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