standard New build of Windows 10 for Phones Reveals LED Notifications, Updated UI, and Design Tweaks

windows10 630

A new build of Windows 10 for phones, (build 8.15.12521), has leaked online in the form of several screenshots seen below. The new build mostly carries some UI changes and tweaks, as well as some adjustments to some apps, including the messaging app and Contacts seen below.

More interestingly is that Windows 10 for phones will finally support LED notifications, for capable phones (such as the Lumia 930, 730 and 735). Something Windows Phone users have been asking for since practically day one.

The latest build of Windows 10 will also allow users to disconnect their Microsoft account from the phone without resetting the phone, something that hasn’t been possible yet. 58NATHHW

Personally I find these UI changes a bit unsettling, as it seems the OS has lost a lot of contrast, especially in the messaging hub and contacts. The black on black seems a bit too dark, casting a morbid look on the OS. What do you guys think?UHZK4H4VVia


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