standard Microsoft Band Finally Coming to the UK on April 15th for £169.99

Microsoft-Band-HealthAfter a shaky start, with questionable support (and love) from Microsoft to their fitness tracker, the “Microsoft Band”; it seems they’re showing their finally taking a stance towards committing  the device. After r-listing the Band online, Microsoft’s next move is to bring the Band across the pond to the UK; starting from April 15th.

Interested customers will be able to buy the band for £169.99, which thankfully is the same as the US equivalent price of $199, without any ridiculous markups. Anyone interested in one?



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  • Momchil Karabulev

    Well the price equivalent is $250.

    • l33tuc

      UK price includes VAT, so there’s about £6/$9 difference. In comparison the xbox one is approx £55/$85 more expensive in the UK…

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