standard Redesigned Cortana for Windows 10 on the Way

CAQLJLnWcAAGRvFWe’ve seen a couple renders and concepts user made to show how they’d like Cortana to look, now it seems Microsoft is planning a UI overhaul of their own. Tom Warren of theVerge tweeted the image above, stating that Cortana for Windows 10 is going to look a lot better soon.

Currently Cortana on Widows 10 for phones is a bit of an ugly mess, with a white plain background that just looks like it’s missing something, as well as some major  performance issues. however if the render above is anything to go by the new redesign will change that and much. With what appears to be a transparent background (likely from the Bing daily images), as well as full overlays of your route in a pop-up card style, similar to Google now.

Either way I’m excited to see what’s new.


  • Jackal

    The ‘Halo’ definitely looks better on a dark background, so that’s an improvement right there.

    Still unsure about her being a giant Copernic style searchbar though, it’s a little too in your face.

    Would far prefer her as an animated (when alerts come in) Halo in the system tray, click on it and the search bar, or Notifications, expand out from there instead.