standard Transparent Windows Phone/ Lumia 940 Concept


Phone Designer on Facebook is back at it again, with yet another amazing Windows Phone concept. The latest concept tackles the thought of a transparent device, giving off some nice effects when the light passes through, as well as giving a more futuristic feel to the whole phone.

Check out the concept below, and don’t forget to like Phone Designer on Facebook.10835039_804902299558297_16373881896552708_o 906081_804902259558301_8898155216298562429_o 10993134_803456283036232_7964933419092102797_oWhat do you think? Sexy or not?


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  • Joe

    Freaking sexy!

  • The best concept I’ve ever seen, I’d like to have the blue one (y) *excited*

  • Jackal

    Very sexy. No chance of it ever happening, but still sexy.

  • Faisal Islam

    Too much sexy :) Microsoft should build this phone

  • OMG!

  • Daniel Piotrowski

    yes – sexy !! nice body but in this body better look Sailfish OS 2.0 :) transparent ambient

  • Nokia Rox

    hotttt and sexyyyy……… but make it squarish, then it will look damn sexy

  • G G

    too rounded edges, I like something more style 930

  • Allen

    How boring and lazy design. No offense to the 3D designer, his rendering skills are top notch, but design wise, meh.

    Every design is following the “brick” trend.

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  • guerrahp

    Imagine this thing when ringing…

  • Smile it is almost Friday!

    Another facy solution searching for a problem to solve.