standard OneDrive Music Lockers Go Live; Access your Music Anywhere

UntitledAs promised by Microsoft, their music locker storage via OneDrive has just gone live; meaning that users can store their music on their OneDrive account and access it anywhere on the go, be it from another computer, ¬†smartphone, or their Xbox console. To access the songs in your OneDrive locker you’ll need to run the Xbox music app, available on Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox; after which you’ll automatically view a list of all the music stored in your OneDrive music locker, and can stream them back.

Best of all you don’t need an Xbox Music pass to enjoy the service, so it’s absolutely free to use; check it out at the link below:



  • Indrek

    Sweet! I already have all my music on OneDrive, to sync it between my desktop and Surface Pro 3. Today, without doing anything extra, all of it was also automatically available on my Lumia. Plus, I have an extra 100 GB of OneDrive storage, labelled “Xbox Music Pass subscription”.

    • It seems like what we all thought were random pointless moves from Microsoft in the past are now coming together into some diabolically awesome seamless plan. Everything just seems to be falling into place. Good on them.