standard HTC New Female CEO Cher Wang; Signals New Focus Shifts

DSC04465Today HTC announced that their long-time CEO Peter Chou (and their only CEO since they were established in 1997) will be replaced by head chair-woman Cher Wang (seen below). It’s no secret that HTC have been struggling to market their phones against the mobile juggernauts Apple and Samsung, even when their devices are pretty amazing. However with many criticizing their latest flagship, the HTC M9 to be simply “more of the same”, it seems a change was needed.


HTC’s new CEO Cher Wang mentioned a new focus for the company, evolving past just smartphones and moving on to “connected products and services”, these connected products and service no doubt include more wearables and smartwatches as well as whatever the industry has ins tore for us.

“We are seeing rapid changes in the industry, with the smartphone as our personal hub connecting us to a growing world of smart devices. We pioneered the smartphone industry; now we are applying that thinking to realise the potential of a new generation of connected products and services.”




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