standard OneDrive to be Integrated into Windows 10 for Phones, Rahter Than a Standalone App

OnedriveCurrently OneDrive on Windows 10 for phones is very similar to the Windows Phone 8.1, coming as  standard app that can be downloaded and updated from the store. However according to Windows Insider Gabriel Aul, that’s going to change later as OneDrive will be built into the OS rather than being a standalone app.


This is slightly confusing as it contradicts what Microsoft have been doing with Windows Phone over the past two years, moving to separate apps from the system core so they can be updated easily. They’ve already removed the Facebook and Twitter integration from the OS, as well as stopped the album syncing from profiles onto your phone; so a move to integrate apps back into the OS is a curious thing.

Of course Microsoft have been busy with the latest OneDrive changes, finally bringing music lockers to the service, allowing you to stream your music anywhere on the go, so perhaps it’s all part of a plan?