standard Windows 10 for Phones to Add Flashlight & Quick Note Toggles.


One area Windows 10 improves on Windows Phone 8 is in the action center, which has gotten some much-needed love. Adding more toggles with an “expand” button, as well as changing the way toggles work; where in Windows 10 a long press on any toggle will take you to the relevant settings menu.

Now it seems yet another improvement is on the way, with the addition of a “flashlight” toggle as well as a “quick note” toggle. Both of these have long been requested by users, and are certainly a nice addition. It’s presumed that the “quick note” toggle will open a new OneNote page, similar to when you ask Cortana to make a note for you.image_thumb47In the screen above, you can also see a new layout for the notifications, where besides showing just the name of the sender in messaging notifications, it now also shows a small image of them; however the small circular pictures do have more of an Android feel to them then anything else in windows Phone.