standard Logitech Announces new MX Master Mouse, Coming April 1st for $99

91kKSDdCuFL._SL1500_Logitech have announced a new mouse in their lineup of “MX” Performance mice, the new MX Master is an all new mouse, set to take on the huge shoes left by the super popular MX Performance mouse (my personal favorite, that I take everywhere), which is one of the highest rated mice of all time.

The new MX Master mouse comes with an all new design, with some sharp ragged edges making it look like something that fell off an alien spaceship; as well as the ability to link to up to 3 computers at once, plus linking up with your devices via the unifying wireless receiver or Bluetooth.


Of course the MX Master comes with a rechargeable battery, similar to the MX Performance mouse, but still a single charge of the MX Master should last you up to 40 days of moderate usage. Hopefully Logitech have worked out some of the hardware quirks found in the MX performance mouse, including the horribly annoying problem where the left mouse buttons either starts double clicking on its own, or doesn’t click at all.

The mouse is available for pre-order now, coming to stores April 1st for $99. You can go ahead and preorder one from the link below:

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