standard Lumia 435 Camera Review and Samples

DSC06744The Microsoft Lumia 435 comes with a 2 MP main camera, and a VGA front facing camera; meaning that our expectations for the results of this video test should be as low as possible for a 2015 smartphone. Both cameras can only capture a maximum of 480p which is quite low (and unacceptable for 2015), but then again this phone does cost $70 off the bat, which is cheaper than most kitchen blenders.

Here’s a quick video sample of the main 2mp camera on the Lumia 435 in all its 480p glory:


Here are a couple still images taken with the main camera of the Lumia 435, as you can see the colors are pretty washed out; unremarkable and overall pretty disappointing. This of course isn’t helped by the fact that the Lumia 435 doesn’t have a flash on the back, meaning decent pictures in low light are pretty much impossible. WP_20150309_10_37_17_Pro WP_20150309_11_47_00_Pro WP_20150316_19_44_30_Pro WP_20150316_19_44_58_Pro WP_20150309_08_58_10_Pro


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