standard Microsoft’s New Surface 3; a $499 Full Windows Tablet


Microsoft have just added another addition to the Surface tablet family, the all new Surface 3 (not to be confused with the older Surface Pro 3). The new Surface 3 brings the Surface lineup to a more affordable price range, starting at $499 while thankfully ditching the Windows RT that came with previous Surface “lite” versions and coming with full-fledged Windows (obviously upgrade-able to Windows 10).  surface3-18.0

The Surface 3 comes with a slightly smaller screen than the Surface Pro 3’s 12″ screen, opting for a 10.8-inch display with a 3:2 aspect ratio. The new Surface 3 however picks p some ques from the Pro version by coming with a stylus for making little doodles, and an adjustable kickstand. Unfortunately though the Surface 3’s kickstand can only be adjusted at three different angles, rather than infinite angles in the Pro version.  surface3-14.0The Surface 3 base model comes with 2 GBs of RAM an Intel Atom processor, a full-size USB port, microSD reader, and a mini DisplayPort starting at $499 without the keyboard or stylus (which will cost you an additional $129 and $49 respectively).

Via theVerge