standard Editorial: 6Snap is Officially Gone Forever, Is There Hope for Snapchat on Windows Phone?

6snapWith Snapchat’s crusade against Windows Phone nearing its 5 month anniversary since they first started blocking accounts for using 3rd party apps; with no resolution in sight, 6Snap developer Rudy Huyn has officially announced that 6Snap is gone forever.

The Snapchat saga with Windows Phone is a long drawn, but one-sided one; with absolutely no response from Snapchat in terms of cooperating or discussing the possibility of a Window Phone app. Nearly a year ago Joe Belfiore, of the Windows Phone team, replied to a question asking about Snapchat and the possibility of an official app, his response was simple.

“Yep, talking”

f3023406aa76b02d39c9e4ed4ad08969It’s obvious that those talks went no where, in fact just because Joe/ the Windows Team was talking, doesn’t mean Snapchat was listening.

Anyone following the development of Snapchat news will probably have figured out that they’ve been quite hostile to Windows Phone (and their users), blatantly refusing to acknowledge the thousands of petitions and requests to have their platform supported. In fact Snapchat removed the polling option from their site asking what platform users would like to see supported next; essentially a “stop bugging us” to anyone petitioning (which was probably 95% Windows Phone users).

As sobering as a realization as it is, apps like Snapchat (and Instagram who released a half-baked beta app for Windows Phone and haven’t updated it in over a year) have the upper hand when it comes to battles like this, even the second largest tech company in the world is powerless against them; and unfortunately there isn’t a real solution to that. Short of Snapchat being purchased by the likes of Facebook or Microsoft themselves, it’s highly unlikely that we’ll see a change of heart from Snapchat. If Google with all their might and infinite resources still refuse to develop apps for Windows Phone, deeming the platform “insignificant” and not worth the development cost/effort, and once again Microsoft are powerless to force them to comply.

Windows Phone’s battle for market share has been uphill from the start, in fact it’s been almost vertical; entering a race too late, with a platform that lacked some of the simplest features and capabilities (such as keeping the WiFi on when the screen locked). The harsh reality is until Microsoft have a MUCH larger chunk of the pie, things probably won’t change for the better, even if the Snapchat fiasco is resolved, there will always be another “Snapchat” to follow; just like Vine, Candy Crush, Farmville and Instagram took forever to reach before them.

The short answer of “will we get Snapchat anytime soon?” is most likely No.

I would love nothing more than to be wrong, but for now I’ll have to keep using Snapchat on my Android tablet and have my heart flutter when I see a headline like this.