standard Video: Hands On With Windows 10 for Phones Build 1005; What’s New (Project Spartan, Outlook Calendar/ Email & More)

New Notification icons

New notification center icons

We’ve finally gotten the latest build of the Windows 10 technical preview on running on our Lumia 630,  here’s a quick rundown of all that’s new in this build.

Check out what’s new in build 10051 in the video below:

The major feature of this build is the fact that it supports  whole lot more devices than the previous original Windows 10 for phones build, which only supported the Lumia 630, 730 and 830. Now however almost all Lumia devices, except the Lumia 930/Icon and the Lumia 640 XL are supported, so a lot of you should get a chance to play with this build should you want to.

DSC06980 DSC06978 DSC06977

  • I don’t know if it’s only me, but I don’t like the new design direction WP UI is heading to. I have to try it first of course to judge, which I haven’t, but what really bought me into WP was the uniqueness of the design, with panoramic apps and such. Now it’s turning to be another copy of iOS/Android UI with hamburger menus and upper screen buttons/tabs.