standard HTC Just Created the Worst Advertisement Ever

HTC Advertisement BannerSo, rather than focusing on the features and benefits of their devices, instead HTC has taken a different approach with their latest advertising. Referring to the Apple/Samsung duopoly as ‘Bi-Phonal Displeasure Disorder,’ HTC presents you, the viewer with the cure – the new HTC One M9.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for additional players attempting to carve out a segment of the high-end smartphone market, but this feels very forced and strange. HTC is clearly attempting to get people’s attention by using humour, but they could have at least been a little more creative. Although I’m sure many reading this site might have a pretty clear understanding of what the HTC One M9 is and what it’s features and benefits are over other devices in the market, the average person could sit through this and still have no idea what is going on, which means that this video fails at its primary function – to inform and engage the viewer with information. Their attempts to mock their own potential customers for choosing other products is at best childish.

Come on, HTC. You’re better than this. This method of advertising is dated and doesn’t suit you.

  • You weren’t kidding, that’s horrible.

  • villevittumainen

    Yeah, I couldn’t watch it through.