standard Hands On With the LG G4 (Video & Gallery)

Today (and yesterday) LG held a global launch for its latest flagship, the G4; the launch spanned across the globe with events taking place in 6 different cities. We were live at the Istanbul launch earlier today to get some hands on time with the G4; here’s our really quick hands on video below, as well as some images and random thoughts:

The G4 is without a doubt, what would be classified as a “premium built” device, the leather backing oozes class; and although I wasn’t a fan of it from the initial leaks; but the second I saw it in person I was sold. The G4 comes with an 8 MP front facing camera and a 16 MP f/1.8 camera with what LG are calling a “color spectrum sensor” which helps accurately capture colors in images.

DSC07382The G4 also comes with a 5.5″ QHD screen similar to that of the G3; however LG claims that this new display is up to 25% brighter than others, as well as more accurate in reproducing colors. DSC07397 DSC07398 DSC07410 DSC07417 DSC07432 DSC07438 DSC07439 DSC07441 DSC07444 DSC07372

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