standard Windows 10 to Support the Much Needed “Middle Finger” Emoji and Many More


Although Apple may have beaten most companies to new “racial” emoji, which if anything just make our texting lives a whole lot harder; Microsoft is about to one up then with Windows 10. According to the latest reports, Windows 10 will support a whole new range of emoji, including racially correct middle fingers; for when you want to be offensive without being racist apparently. 23rdb5apkds2lq_smallMicrosoft will also include other race colored emoji, as well as a neutral “grey” skin tone color or when you want to avoid colors. windows-people.png

Microsoft have also made some changes to the Emoji faces, finally replacing what many assumed was a “happy face” with the real expression of a face blowing off steam in extreme anger. boy has that caused some confusion for me.

Read more about the rest of the Windows 10 Emoji changes at the source link below


  • AA

    Why don’t they use the same images as Apple? Are those copyrighted? At least WhatsApp uses the same ones across all platforms. The Windows emojis are so confusing, unclear, and different for no good reason.

    • I’m not sure if apple owns their emoji, but every OS tries to make them match their over all layout. I agree the windows phone ones are confusing, especially the happy face that ends up being a face blowing steam on other platforms. They’ve addressed this issue in this version as well, so hopefully it’ll be a bit less confusing.