standard My Top 3 Favorite Features of the LG G4

DSC07438With LG announcing the LG G4 last week, we got a chance to mess around with it, and to be honest we really liked it, here’s what we liked the most.


This one is  pretty much a no-brainer, the leather on the G4 is really the biggest stand-out feature of the phone. Sure it adds no actual performance nor does it improve its imaging potential; but it’s damn sexy and it feels amazing. And I love it.DSC07372

I’ll be getting the tan brown version hopefully, but you can always select from the 5 other color options, including white, black, red, baby blue and for some reason yellow.

2- The Cameras:

I’ve always been attracted to Nokia’s in the past mainly due to their amazing camera performances, but they’ve fallen behind; and LG, Samsung and Apple are competing for the title of “Camera-King”. LG have a solid bid for the title with the new cameras on the G4, the front facing 8 MP camera, as well as the new f/1.8 16 MP main camera. DSC07410

Both cameras take some pretty impressive images, and although we didn’t get a chance to fully test them out completely; we were impressed with what we saw so far.

3- Expandable SD Storage up to 2 Terabytes :

DSC07397With the G4 LG have one thing that no other 2015 flagship besides the HTC M9 has, and that’s expandable storage. Samsung has opted to switch to a more solid metal and glass design with its latest devices the S6, and the S6 Edge; however they did remove the option for expandable storage. Apple have also stuck to their usual script with the 6 and the 6+ with no expandable storage. Not only that but with up to two Terabytes of storage the G4 is pretty much impossible to fill up and pretty future-proof given that 2 Terabyte SD cards don’t exist yet.

So those are our three favorite features of the G4, what are yours?




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  • anonymous

    just for correction, m8 was last year’s flagship of htc and this year its m9 and it has micro sd card slot…

    • Whoops, thanks for pointing that out, don’t know why I was under the impression that the M9 didn’t have an SD card.

  • goosepig

    That G4 is looking nice. I also used to get Nokias for their superior imaging but they/MS have lost that advantage, and I still can’t like windows phone no matter how much I try to.

    Loving the leather back. The tan looks stunning but I’m sure after a few weeks it will get dirty and look grubby – I’ll play it safe with black ☺

  • D Harries

    Do you prefer IPS screen, or OLED?