standard Latest Whatsapp Beta Update for WP Brings MP3 Sharing, But no Whatsapp Calling Yet

WhatsappThe latest Whatsapp private beta has been pushed to V 2.12.20, bringing several improvements as well as a couple new features. However the most anticipated feature, Whatsapp calls still hasn’t shown up in this version, so it’ll be a bit more before we see it land on Windows Phone; this update includes:

  • 1. Fully compatible with 8.1
  • 2. Send mp3 music
  • 3. Select multiple messages for forwarding and delete and copy
  • 4. New animations
  • 5. App doesn’t exits when pressing back button
  • 6.  Feels snappier then before

Hopefully we won’t have to wait long to get our hands on the public release of this version, or the next version which will hopefully include Whatsapp calls.


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  • Alyeldin Mohamed

    I really hate the fact that updates are too slow. My twitter app looks ages old.