standard Special Edition Gold Lumia 830 Unboxing


A while back Microsoft announced two new special variants as a “mid cycle refresher” for the Lumia 830 and 930, both devices came with a new golden trim, with an optional glossy white or black back plate. Since we at GeekOnGadgets like our phones sexy slim and classy, we grabbed a gold and white variant of the Lumia 830 to unbox (and use of course, we don’t throw away the phones after unboxing).

Check out our unboxing video below, then read on for some of our first thoughts on this sexy phone:



Having never used the Lumia 830, I must say I really like it; I’ve happily welcomed back Glance screen into my life (I’m sorry I ever left it), and the thin 8.5 mm profile just adds to the class of this phone. The glossy white back is certainly pretty, however I suspect it will be a scratch magnet, and will invest in a carry case immediately to keep it crisp. DSC07539The mix of white and gold give off a ice contrast which is definitely an eye turner, and I expect people to ask me what phone that is quite soon,  until then; enjoy a couple more pictures of this beauty below.DSC07542 DSC07543 DSC07544 DSC07549 DSC07550 DSC07552 DSC07556 DSC07557 DSC07559 DSC07532

  • SIMO

    Ali, where can I get this online in the U.S.? Can’t find it on EBay or Amazon! Only the gold 930.

    I have a regular Lumia 830 and all the back cover colors (including a very rare and special neon yellow) and I love it. As you said though, would be nice if it was fitted with a SD800 and an extra gig of RAM.

    • Sorry, honestly no idea; even Expansy doesn’t have them.

      Yeah it did get pretty slow on me while I was restoring my 930 onto it, but I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt and say it was because it was doing a million tasks at once.

      • SIMO

        Damn, thought you were in the States at the moment. Not even your namesake, AliExpress, has them. I’d get a white/gold Lumia 930 but there’s no Glance Screen and no LTE here in the U.S.

        Yeah, that initial setup takes a while. But it gets there. The phone is much snappier after that. And battery life is quite formidable.

        I was coming from a Lumia 1520 and any reduction in speed when executing tasks is marginal at best. Most of the time there’s no difference at all. Maybe I’d notice it more if I played certain games.

        Only complaint is the display quality, but that’s quickly rectified by making manual adjustments in Settings > Display > Color Profile/Brightness Profile

        • At the risk of sounding old, I actually don’t have time for games anymore so that’s fine. My only issue is really the poorer image quality when compared to the 930, but I think I’ll live.
          Will definitely adjust the display quality once I play around with it a bit more.

    • Shashank Chincholkar

      I agree that it should have at least SD600/615 but what we can do about it eh…

  • Shashank Chincholkar

    It was supposed to launch in India but I’ve no idea whether it is available here or not…