standard Goodbye “Windows 10 Technical Preview for Phones”, Hello “Windows 10 Mobile”

DSC06685Microsoft just published a post detailing the new “types” of Windows 10 coming out later this year, basically they’re split between Enterprise and home as well as large devices and small phones and tablets. However more importantly we can all go back to calling the “Windows version on our phones” to Windows 10 Mobile, which is awesome since it’s a lot easier to type out than “Windows 10 Technical Preview for Phones”.

It was rumored a while back that Microsoft was planning on calling it Windows 10 Mobile, and in fact when sending an email from early builds of the technical preview the footer would say “Sent from my Windows 10 Mobile phone”. What does this mean exactly for Microsoft’s plan to have all their products running only one version of “Windows”, not much probably, but it makes talking about the latest build releases a lot easier for geeks like us.


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  • I am very excited about this – takes me back to the old days when I was rocking an HTC Tilt running Windows Mobile 6.5.

    • jiipee

      Win Mobile 6.5 on then work Samsung of mine was absolute garbage. Hopefully those who owned one, have spread forgotten the name.