standard Lumia 640 Coming to T-Mobile July 16th


The official T-Mobile twitter account just confirmed that the Lumia 640 will be available to purchase on their network starting July 16th. Although it is nice to hear that another US carrier will be picking up yet another Lumia phone, you have to wonder why they’re very slow at picking up the devices. The Lumia 730 which is set to be released on Verizon soon, was released globally over 5 month ago.

The Lumia 640 (and 640 XL) were announced almost 3 months ago, near the end of February 2015, and are by no means brand new devices. Although being the fastest to the market isn’t as critical when it comes to mid-range devices, versus when a flagship phone is on the line, it certainly doesn’t help sales if carriers are going to wait 3 or 4 months before releasing a new device to the US public.

More important than all of that is whether it’ll be priced properly or not, but T-Mobile usually gets their mid-range Windows Phone devices pricing right, so I wouldn’t be too worried.

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