standard Apple Promotes Jony Ive to “Chief Design Officer”

jony-iveJony Ive, perhaps best known for his role in the redesign and overhaul of the UI in iOS 7 was just promoted by Apple to the newly created chief design officer position. Jony’s previous duties and position which included both hardware and software design will be handed down to two other employees.

Now he will hand over day-to-day managerial duties to two longtime executives — Richard Howarth, who will run industrial design, and Alan Dye, who will be responsible for user interface or software design.

With Jony’s new position, not much has changed besides the fact that he has even more day in terms of design of Apple’s upcoming products; and if anything just shows Apple’s appreciation of Jony’s work.

Via: CNN


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  • NicKel

    “…the overhaul of the UI in iOS 7”

    • Whelp, that’s what I get for writing an article while jetlagged after a 13 hour flight. Thanks.

  • Ben A

    The king of copycat. He should be promoted for Chief of design copy officer.

  • To use an Australian expression, Alan Dye and Richard Howarth are ‘Top Blokes’ – I am interested to see what effect this management change will have on the wider business.

    Perhaps Jony, now liberated from some of the more ‘day-to-day’ responsibilities might be spending more time in the UK?