standard Official Windows Phone 8.1 Update 2 Changelog

Update COgsAlthough Windows 10 for phone is hopefully right around the corner, and a large number of users are getting ready to upgrade, be it through the Windows Insider program, or waiting for the official roll-out; Microsoft are still working on passing out a Windows Phone 8.1 Update to some devices. The latest WP 8.1 update (GDR 2), comes with some minor tweaks that make it a bit easier to use the phone, including most importantly a reorganized settings menu with a search option. Update 2 or WP 8.1 also brings support for Bluetooth keyboards (while Windows 10 brings Bluetooth mouse support), to allow you to get a bit more serious in your productivity.

Check out the official changelog below, and check for availability below (currently rolling out to the Lumia 830 and 735):

Settings. Find your phone settings more easily. Tap one of the new settings categories to jump to it, use Search to find a setting, or pan down to peruse in the traditional way. Additionally, phone settings can now be pinned to Start.

Calendar. Agenda view is back.

Name your phone. Give your phone a name without connecting to a PC. Just tap Settings >About > Edit name to name it.

VPN. Now you can use certificates to sign in for L2TP VPN connections. Always-on VPN profiles are now supported too, so you’re automatically and always connected.

Bluetooth. Type with more than your thumbs. Use an external Bluetooth keyboard and watch the words fly on your phone. And now get your text messages straight from your car if it has a compatible Bluetooth system.

App privacy permissions. Now you control whether an app can access your contacts, calendar, camera, microphone and text messages. Just tap Settings > App permissions to get started.

  • Izuan

    Perhaps a silly question, is this rolling out to 830s and 735s in the US only, or worldwide?

    • should be worldwide, just picked it up on my 830 (UK)