standard HERE Offline Maps Updated With “Literally Millions of Changes”

Here DriveThe amazing HERE maps have just received a huge overhaul for all the offline map data, bringing “Literally Millions of Changes” to offline maps on all three supported platforms (Android, iOS and WP). The updates span across the globe (as one would expect), bringing in changes to Africa, with better roads and increased coverage to a number of regions.

We have also considerably improved the detail shown in Cape Verde, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Guinea-Bissau and the Seychelles.

The public transport lines in many areas have also been adjusted to be more geographically accurate, helping you actually understand the public transit lines.

We’ve been refining the depiction of public transit lines over the course of the last couple of map updates, to more closely reflect the geography of train, subway and tram lines on the ground, rather than simply drawing links between stations. This began last year with the map of Chicago, and expanded to a number of other countries in the last maps update.

To update your maps in WP open the settings app on your phone, then tap the applications tab > maps > check for updates. Click on the maps to update and a minute later, you’re done. On some devices, the map updates are performed through the app itself, so check there if you don’t see the settings we described. Android and iOS users should get a notification prompt informing them of available updates.