standard This Is Nokia’s Cancelled “Moonraker” Smartwatch

moonraker-02_storyPreviously we heard whispers of Nokia working on a smartwatch to launch alongside their range of Lumia phones. However after the Microsoft takeover the rumors suddenly ended, and it was clear that Microsoft for some unknown reason had ended the production of the smartwatch. Now we’ve finally gotten a look at what this watch could’ve been, thanks to a series of leaked ad renders showing off the watch in multiple colors.moonraker-04_storyAlthough we don’t know much about the specs or the features of the watch, the source claims that it could mirror notifications onto your wrist, as well as activate the display when tilted towards the users face, as well as run both Facebook and Mixradio apps natively. moonraker-05_storyWe’ll never know how big (or small) of a hit the Nokia smartwatch could’ve been id it were released, but if the current market trend is anything to go by, pushing a smartwatch is going to be a difficult road; unless you’re name is Apple of course.

What do you think of the cancelled Smartwatch, would the Nokia name be enough to have enticed you into the wearables world?

Via: Neowin

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