standard People Hub Integration Coming to 6Tag

9dc5cab895496bac35ff651d6269c175Rudy Huyn, Windows Phone super star developer replied to a twitter post earlier today asking about the possibility of integrating some of his apps into the People Hub. He responded by saying that people hub integration is planned for 6Tag, the Instagram client.

Although the thought of having Instagram integrated into the People hub has always been a dream of mine (seeing a users photos directly from their contact page); it’s going to be redundant very soon, seeing how Microsoft have removed the essence of People Hub from Windows 10 Mobile.  Since Rudy said it’s only planned it’s possible he might change his mind about it later, as nice of an idea as it is; I can’t help but think it’s a waste of time.




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  • Lucas

    Windows 10 mobile has a people hub with integrated apps:)