standard Lumia 940 Leaked, Shows Off Triple LED Flash (Polished Render)

10258262_848973681817825_2963091510045288305_oLong time favorite leaker, @evleaks had something to share with Windows Phone fanatics, as he posted a blurred image of what appears to be the camera sensor of the upcoming Lumia 940. Interestingly the flash next to the camera shows off 3 LED lights for flash, dual LED flashes have been around for a while, but we haven’t seen much of triple LED flashes. Based on the photo below, Phone Designer on facebook went ahead and made the pretty impressive render at the top of this post.

Then again it might be something similar to LG’s color sensor spectrum which at first glance also appeared to be a second colored LED flash, but in fact helps take more accurate photos.

Although we don’t have much else to go on in terms of camera specs, but this is certainly a nice start, anyone excited?


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  • Greg Matson

    F U C K

  • xdfghg

    Fan render is not a leak.

  • Demitrius Harris

    What if….evleaks blurry picture WAS the fan render from phone designer based on what he saw, with a blur filter applied disguised as a leak of a real device posted by evleaks….but in actuality it was just a render all along before evleaks got the pic….BOOM…leakception!!!!

    Just kidding. 😉

  • lubba

    Not liking that old design.