standard Lumia 940 Renders, With Stunning Edge to Edge Screen

11728815_858153500899843_4438177838511883575_oPhone Designer has done it once again, basing another stunning Lumia 940 render off the leaked screen and other spec rumors, The render itself is always gorgeous and extremely well done, showing off an impressive edge to edge display that curves towards the sides of the phone. On the bottom of the phone there appears to be a USB type C connector, with a 20 main camera along with a triple LED flash.

The new selection of colors in the render is also interesting, playing on the darker colors rather than the vibrant bright colors in previous Lumia devices. I personally love the darker look.

Take a look at the full set of renders here:

11072645_858153384233188_6007836192352440352_o 11698965_858153390899854_4986382968719718137_o 10012965_858153417566518_5239317743409375928_o 11705802_858153564233170_4551056609493001678_o 11412003_858153480899845_5102767262195466439_o

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  • Alex Keuano

    Yep not bad

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  • Jackal

    Yeah trouble is, his renders always look way better than what actually comes out.