standard Skype Modern Windows App No Longer Supported

UntitledAs of today (July 7th 2015), the Windows Modern/Metro Skype app is no longer supported on full windows devices (it will continue to work on Windows RT devices). When trying to run the app you’ll receive the message prompt above saying this version is no longer supported, redirecting you to download the desktop version of the app.

On 7 July, 2015, we will be turning off Skype for modern Windows. To get the most out of Skype, including group video calls, screen sharing and more, please download Skype for Windows desktop.

If you’re using a Windows RT tablet and can’t install desktop applications, you don’t need to do anything – the modern app will continue to work for you after July 7.

To continue using Skype on any other Windows device, you need to download and install Skype for Windows desktop, then uninstall Skype for modern Windows. Find out how with this guide to upgrading from one app to the other.

Download the Skype desktop client from the link below:




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