standard LG G4: The Review

DSC07893After having used the G4 for a couple weeks now, it’s time for me to review it and give my final verdict on LG’s latest flagship. Check out the video below for the full 9 minute review.

In terms of design the G4 is a clear winner, the genuine leather back adds character and class to a design that would be bland without it, but with the leather back the phone gains a whole different dimension. Both cameras on the G4 are impressive, with the 8 MP front facing camera giving off some occasional overcast colors making pictures look darker than they would on the iPhone 6 or other devices.

In terms of actual performance the G4 comes with a snapdragon 808 processor and 3 GBs of RAM, although almost all tasks are a breeze for the device, forgetting to clear the app drawer, or minimizing a graphics intense game (such as Asphalt 8) will result in some serious lag and stuttering on the phone. On the plus side however overheating issues with the phone are almost non-existent.

Battery life is a mixed bag with the G4 sometimes powering through the day without any issues, while other times I’m desperately seeking a wall outlet by 4 PM. One thing that has been consistent though is the decrease in battery life when connecting to 4G/LTE rather than 3G.

Overall the G4 is certainly a winner, if on design alone; let alone when combined with it’s glorious 4K display and stunning cameras. For me it’s a certain BUY. 



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