standard Report: Microsoft’s Contiuum and Iris Scanner Won’t Work On Their Windows 10 Flagship at Launch


Renders of the Lumia 90 based off leaked images

According to a report from our source inside Microsoft’s mobile devices division, although Microsoft are preparing to release a Windows 10 flagship soon, two of the biggest selling points won’t be available in the device upon launching. According to the source both Microsoft’s “Continuum” feature which would enable users to “unleash the PC experience using only their phone” by simply connecting it to a larger screen, as well as the iris scanner which has been all but confirmed won’t work until later in the year (November or December) once Microsoft push out an OTA software update to the devices.


Of course the biggest problem with this is that it strips their flagship of two major selling points before it even hits the stores, not to mention the expected delay of updates due to carrier meddling and other unforeseen hurdles. Essentially upon release the Lumia 940/940 XL (or 950/950 XL depending on what Microsoft decide to call them) will be a Lumia 930 with a slightly better camera and a nicer screen, stripped of any real “innovative” flagship selling points due to software development difficulties. Other rumored features of the upcoming Windows 10 flagship include a triple LED flash possibly accompanied by a QuadHD screen and some impressive internal specs.

Check out Joe Belfiore explain how Contiuum should work on Windows 10 phones in the video below:

This isn’t the first tie that a Lumia flagship device was delayed or cancelled due to difficulties in development, previously the Mclaren/Goldfinger flagship which was supposed to debut the “3D touch technology” was completely scraped by Nokia due to it taking to long work out the software and hardware issues. In the past Nokia have also sold flagship devices with half-baked feature stripped software (the Nokia N9 running Meego and the N8 running Symbian 3), both of which fell short in terms of software support shortly after hey hit the markets. Hopefully Microsoft don’t follow down that same slippery slope.

Would you buy Microsoft’s Windows 10 flagship if it shipped with Contiuum and the Iris scanner?