standard Lumia 940/950 Leaks in Multiple Shots, Shows off Triple LED Flash and USB Type C


Microsoft’s upcoming flagship, the Lumia 940 or 950, depending on who you ask has leaked in a number of new photos. The phone is shown off from multiple angles, displaying some of its main selling points including the new reversible USB Type C connector as well as the Triple LED flash on the back of the phone. 9402 (1)The phone also shows off an interesting placement of the front facing camera, placing it at the very top right corner of the device (reminiscent of the Nokia N9).  Unfortunately it seems that Microsoft have gone with soft/digital on screen keys, rather than the usual hardware capacitive keys that have been used in previous flagship Lumias.

Check out the rest of the photos below, and let us know what you think in the comments:

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  • Indrek

    Interesting, looks like Dual-SIM based on the first picture (which, incidentally, is linked wrong).

    • Good eye, hadn’t spotted that. Interesting to see them finally making a dual sim flagship.

  • imaginaryenemy

    The N9s front facing camera was in the LOWER right hand corner.

    • Yeah, I recall the N9’s placement, but this phone and the N9 are the only two which I recall having the camera so far close to the edge (where your hand or a case might cover it).

  • Lawrence J. Braganza

    I hate two things
    Firstly, the onscreen navigation bar and also now in windows 10 the height of the navigation bar is also increased which is not at all good for small screen phones like 730 and 735
    Secondly I don’t like the marketing strategy of dual sim smartphones for Microsoft. I wanted to buy a dual sim 4g Lumia 640 XL and until now only the 3g version is available in UAE. Come on Microsoft, only 3g version in UAE???