standard Leaked Microsoft “Project Astoria” Allows Users to Install Android Apps on Windows 10 Phones

projectastoriaOne of Microsoft’s weapons to get more apps for Windows 10 has been porting iOS and Android apps to the ecosystem. The Android porting software codenamed “Project Astoria” has leaked online in a beta version, allowing some users to already side-load Android APK files onto their compatible Windows 10 devices. According to WMPU, some notes to be mentioned regarding the project:

  • Project Astoria will require you to make modifications if your app uses Google Play Services, and if not, you won’t need to make any modifications — as expected.
  • Project Astoria SDK will be available on Mac, alongside Windows.
  • The Java JDK (1.7 or later) must be installed and the JAVA_HOME environment variable set.
  • IntelliJ or Android Studio must be installed.
  • You’ll be able to deploy your apps using Android Debug Bridge aka adb

For now you can’t use Project Astoria to access Google Play services, or connect to the Play store, meaning should you want to install more apps you’ll have to do them all separately.

A guide to using the software to sideload Android apps onto your WIndows 10 mobile can be found below