standard Google Reorganizes Itself Into New Parent Company “Alphabet” to Help Focus on Eveyrthing

2558In some quite interesting and surprising news today, Google the search and tech giant announced that they will be reorganizing themselves into a new umbrella company called “Alphabet”. The new company will take control of all of Google’s holdings and projects, allowing the actual search company (Google) to focus on its job, while working on several other projects.

With the new name and structure change, Google also gets a new CEO, Sundar Pichai​; meanwhile Larry Page, former head CEO of Google moves on to become CEO of Alphabet, along with Sergey Brin​.

The new company structure will help Alphabet spread its wings into different fields of technology making Google Fiber a separate company, as well as Nest, and even Google X for all the crazy futuristic research stuff. Meanwhile the original Google will remain in charge of Youtube, Search and of course Mobile phones and Android.

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