standard Samsung Has No Plans to Bring the Note 5 to Europe

Samsung-Galaxy-Note-5-rear-looksAlthough Samsung launched a pair of phablets yesterday, the Note 5 and the Edge+; only one of those will be coming to customers in Europe. Samsung’s decision to limit European sales to only a single flagship phablet is due to the difficulties involved in promoting and advertising both devices, instead they’ve decided to focus on pushing the 6 Edge+ on its own.

Personally I find the Note 5 the more interesting of the two devices, the Edge+ is not short on specs, packing a  5.7″ QHD screen running from one curved edge to the other, as well as 4 GBs of RAM and a 16 MP camera. Unfortunately the lack of the new spring loaded S-Pen is a real shame, as it’s one of the greatest features of the Note 5.

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  • Ben A

    good it will be a major flop then and less sales for crapscamsung.

  • Bijdehans

    Samsung is getting arrogant towards their most loyal customers. There are other brands out there, they might deserve your money better…