standard Two Months With the LG G4 – A Second Glance


Having had used the LG G4 as my main phone for over two months now, I thought it would be worth taking a second look on how the device has worked its way into my daily life. What I like and what I don’t, and most importantly how has it fared against the grind of daily life.

Looking back on some of the notes I had in my initial G4 review, the device no longer gets “stuck” as it did when I first started to use it, whether this is due to me clearing all background tasks more commonly, or different usage patterns; I’m not sure, but whatever the reason I’m happy. Battery life has also become more reliable and steady, lasting longer than before, even when on 4G, reaching closer to the target marks LG claim.

In terms of physical wear the Genuine leather back although pretty, doesn’t age that well with time, and has begun to fray along the sides; I still love it no doubt, but I’ll likely be looking for a replacement plastic cover, perhaps either the white or the silver seen below:



Regardless of the small wear marks on the G4, I’m certainly still in love with the phone, and currently the only other device that has caught my eye is the new OnePlus 2, but that’s mainly because of the more attractive pricetag and USB typ C connector to be perfectly honest. DSC08187 DSC08176 DSC08175