standard 96.8% Of Smartphone Sales are Either Android or iOS, Windows Phone only 2.5%

iOS_Android_Windows_Phone_WideAccording to the latest number from Gartner mobile sales, the world’s smartphone shares belongs almost completely to Android and iOS, making up 86.8% of smartphone sales. Windows Phone comparatively has a minuscule 2.5% (down from 2.8% last year), while Blackberry has also dropped from .7% to .3%.


One thing is clear abundantly clear, and that’s Android’s dominance in the market taking 82.2%, a slight decrease from last years 83.8%; Apple have increased from 12.2% to 14.6% and will most likely keep trying to eat into Android’s market share, especially with the rumors of their next set of phones to launch in September.

Via: TheVerge


  • Lawrence J. Braganza

    There’s a mistake blackberry percentage went from .7% to .3%

  • OTOH, Windows Phone is over three times the size of all the other OSes – combined.
    Pyrrhic victory, I know. But IMHO it just shows how impossible it is to bring in a new mobile OS anymore. BB10 was just late. BlackBerry had a loyal fan base which didn’t help them anywhere. Jolla has acknowledged that “some tens of thousands” is a proper amount of phones shipped so far. Tizen has sold some, but the phones are to be considered as feature phones respective to apps and price point. FFOS sales have also been counted in hundreds of thousands and those phones are dirt cheap. Microsoft has so far been the only one to stand up and even then their progress is pathetic.