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While new iphones are inevitably going to be gracing the technology and social scene in the near future, the iphone 6 from Apple is the most up to date technological advancement for cellular devices. Unveiled on September 9, 2014, this smart phone features a health regulator, a surround sound, device, heart monitor, and storage device. The iPhone 6 has improved camera stabilization, which means that when you as the photographer or videographer are moving, the image will be recorded with compensation for that movement, and the final product will have minimal image jump.

In addition the megapixel capabilities of the still camera are comparable to most point and shoot cameras, making the investment of this smart phone, a great investment! However what can set this iphone6 apart from others are the amazing accessories!

The accessories of the iphone 6 offer more options than ever. Ranging from specialty cases to external camera lenses. There are truly unique accessories out there and we will mention some in just a little bit.

Headphones and Speakers

These are perhaps the more frequently bought accessories for the smart phones, and that means options for style and function abound! You can find speakers that amplify the sound, are portable, and have impeccable clarity. In addition waterproof boom boxes and stylized earphone that protect the eardrum from unnecessary damage. I personally enjoy headphone that are lightweight, mold to my ear for comfort, stay in when in motion (such as running), but also allow me the capabilities of the headphones that come with the purchase, a microphone and volume control.


As a general recommendation, people should get cases for iPhone 6 mobile devices. Keep in mind, your phone case is a true way to express your personal unique self as well as be creative. It is important to protect the investment that you have just made, luckily style and functionality don’t have to be compromised for one another. There are cases that allow artistic expression, non-slip grip, waterproof, as well as extra battery life, you have so many options to choose from! There are even wallets that provide space for your phone in addition to safely holding cards and money. For the ladies out there that want to go out on a Friday night, your case doubles as your wallet so you don’t have to worry about carrying a purse!

Travel Chargers

Much like the specialized case that was mentioned above, it could be a true life saver to have a battery attached to your phone to allow for extra juice when you aren’t positive where your next power source will come from. Even if it’s simply that you are streaming more, listening to Internet based music, or having video conversations, the battery seems to deplete faster and faster. Luckily there are portable travel chargers for these particular predicaments. There are car chargers, but also affordable and pocket-sized options outside of this. The Monoprice requires prior charging but offers twice the battery life than that of a general charge. For those that are hikers and adventurers the Zendure A2 may be a good option as it has a crush proof design that is intended to be indestructible for outdoor types. This also offers a 6 time recharge!

Unique Accessories

While doing some fun and random research you can find some really outlandish accessories. For those with passions and drive to a particular gadget there are certainly accessories for ipone 6 that can dazzle, investigate, and amaze. For one there is the Netatmo Weather Station. This accessory allows you to track weather, air quality and so much more. The station offers real time notifications and graphs to record data every minute! It can also monitor noise pollution; a nice addition for those that live in the city. So if your meteorologist is less than reliable, this may be the app for you! There are also socks for your iphone, yes, I said socks! The Sensoria’s Smart Socks offer highly sophisticated motion sensor inside a cushioned sock that monitors how you run. Not just the pace you run, but how many steps you take, your cadence, and how you hold your center of gravity. Pretty neat! I certainly suggest you look up what special interests you have and what accessories are available, because I can nearly guarantee you will knock your socks off!


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