standard Microsoft’s Next Flagships “Cityman” and “Talkman” Leak in High Quality Renders

CNX6v5GWoAAqNOJWith the official release of WIndows 10 Mobile drawing close, Microsoft’s upcoming flagships for the platform, Cityman and Talkman have leaked online courtesy of Evan Blass (@evleaks) and Brad Sams. Cityman (top phone in the render above, and below) is set to be one of the flagship variants for Microsoft, being identical to Talkman, but with a different screen sizes.


Other differences noticeable between the two devices from the renders above include the different front facing camera position, camera/flash arrangement and speaker positioning, the dots on the back of both devices are likely the same high quality microphones Nokia showed off in the Lumia 1520 for high quality surround sound capture.

According to Brad Sams on twitter, the black box seen connected to Cityman in the second image is possibly the “Continuum” dock which allows you to hook up your phone to a wireless screen workspace and use it as a full Windows PC.




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    hate on screen buttons

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    Dual Sim??